Discoveries and surprises on Netvue Vigil Camera

Camera IP Netvue

   Video Camera designed for outdoor  Wifi usage

Cam NetVue.JPG

Model Vigil


Some remarks and questions after installing this video camera


Installing under Android there is no other possibility (maybe on Mac?)

- Connect the RJ45 cable to the Box (direct or via a Hub)
- Put the Wifi antenna in place.
- Connect the power.
- This Cam is seen with 2 Ip addresses on the box.

Load the Netvue app on a phone or tablet from Google Play

Launch the application

Sign up on NetVue   
fleche.pngemail address  +  password fleche.png  memorize.

   Identify the device be QR Code (if possible) otherwise enter the number of the device (to be raised on the label) memorize this number, don’t forget,   this camera is intended to operate outdoors, there is a good chance that this number will no longer be readable after a few days, in case of reinstallation,  without this number
fleche.png Cam  unusable go to trashcan.

   Identify yourself on its network
fleche.png Wifi password of the Box (not easy, no copy paste possible).


Proper operation on the Smartphone via Wifi (not tested via 3G or 4G) the images are of good quality but not suitable  on a phone.

The objective of viewing the images on the internal network via the Box and an Internet browser (not possible)

   Exploring the ports of this camera by tools like Nmap, shows port 5555 open, but not accessible, port 80 used by all Ip cameras is not available, no identification or loggin requested.

The HCMS software that seems to handle the cameras of this Manufacturer Netview Technologies (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd  does not detect this camera either.

  What is the RJ45 cable connected to the Box for other than taking an address on the Box?
The SD card placed in this camera located 3 meters from the ground is certainly used to record ...
How to get the information back.
A solution: take out the ladder, reach the Cam, always in balance, without standing, then remove the 2 screws that hold the hatch, without dropping any screws, then extract the Micro Sd card, if nothing falls to the ground is a miracle ... a little serious, Gentlemen Builders!  We're not at the circus.

Of course there is the Cloud...


  After extracting the SD card, then reading on a Windows PC there are folders, it seems that each folder contains the collected items during the entire time the camera was powered.

 At  each power-up a new folder as been  created,

  What does this name means?


  Each folder contains files created every minute, this must correspond to a one-minute video sequence, unfortunately these files type "nvt3" are files owner of Netvue and can not be viewed outside their Application. Which ?


  Another question: how to manage the space of this SD card, on 2 days  (which corresponds to 16 hours of powering) 8GB were consumed on the disk space. How to stop inflation?


Of course there is the Cloud... not free.  Why make it complicated  when you can make simple, what a waste of energy


The use of a video cam should be mandatory also by local browser, question : when  a new firmware ?


Pierre Schuster                                  January 2020


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